Review – Syoss Purify and Care Shampoo

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Today I have for you another shampoo review and it’s about Syoss Purify and Care Shampoo, a drugstore product. If you read my previews review, Tigi Bed Head Resurrection Shampoo, you might know that I have very oily roots and the rest of my hair is quite normal.

Since an early age I was always looking for shampoos specially made for greasy hair, where ok for my roots, but they tangled my rest of the hair, so I tried to look up for other types of shampoos, for volume or fine hair.

Two moths ago I was looking again for a new shampoo and I saw the Syoss Purify and Care Shampoo claiming to be for greasy roots and dry ends. Apparently the perfect shampoo for me, I wasn’t exactly sure how this shampoo works, I mean what kind of formula is this to be suitable for something oily and dry in the same time, but anyway I bought it.

syossMy hair is greasy, frizzy, fine and without volume

“Effective Shampoo Syoss Purify and Care thoroughly cleanses hair from excess grease, all impurities and dead skin cells, and revives it in a unique way. Professional hair care leaves hair silky-soft, naturally elastic and wonderfully shiny.

It revives the hair and keeps your hair perfectly clean for 48 hours; Reduce the split end up to 95%; Provides nutrition and elasticity to hair; Reduces the shaking of the tips and regenerates; It leaves hair silky smooth and easy to brush.”

– cleans well
– nice quantity for the price

– it did nothing for my greasy roots and dry ends
– tangled my hair
– my hair started to be oily after 1 day

Price: 4€ (500ml)

Such a disappointment, I don’t recommend it if you have oily roots like me and you’re trying to find a suitable shampoo. It did nothing to my hair, like many others shampoos, but the fact that it’s for greasy hair and my hair looked oily after 1 day plus I had to use a lot of conditioner it made me stop using it.

Have you tried the Syoss Purify and Care Shampoo?

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Review – L’Oreal Infallible 24H Matte Foundation

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I have a combination skin, my t-zone is very oily with large pores, so it’s important for me to find a good foundation that keeps my sebum in control throughout the day. I’ve read a lot about the L’Oreal Infallible foundations especially about the Pro-Matte one, but unfortunately, it’s not available in Romania.

The L’Oreal Infallible 24H-Matte catch my eye and I thought it will be a great foundation for the hot season, claiming to be a mattifying foundation.

“A matte result that lasts up to 24 hours. Clinically proven; waterproof, steamproof. All the comfort, none of the shine. Perfect coverage. No Cakey effect. Easy to apply, enriched with perlite technology, and reduces the appearance of shine up to 24 hours.”

I’ve chosen the shade 22 Radiant Beige (yellow undertone) if you are a MAC NC27 this colour will suit you.

lorealI have a combo skin with large pores and redness

– matte finish (it’s the most matte foundation I’ve ever tested)
– medium coverage (buildable but in a thin layer)
– after 6 hours I start to see some sebum on my t-zone
– last me up to 19 hours with powder (it wasn’t looking great, but I’ve still had it on my face)
– semi transfer-resistant
– beautiful colour

– accentuate the dry patches and the peach fuzz
– after 6-8 hours it looked weird around my blackheads (liked the blackheads absorbed the foundation and my nose was full of dots, I hope it makes sense)
– dries very quickly
– the natural finish faded and felt heavy on the skin

Price: 12.5€ (30 ml)

It is a really good foundation, but I only recommend it if you have oily/combination skin, but without any other imperfections. I really like the matte finish and the fact that has the power to control my sebum, if you plan to wear it for a few hours you can skip the powder. I don’t really understand what happens that the foundation separates from the blackheads, maybe is just me, but because of this fact, I would not buy it again.

Another thing, you really have to moisturise before applying the foundation, without a base, it will not look good.

I have a love-hate feeling for this foundation, it has what it takes for a combination skin, but after hours fighting with sebum, it will not look good.

Have you tried the L’Oreal Infallible 24H-Matte Foundation?

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Review – Tigi Bed Head Resurrection Shampoo

Welcome back!

After 2 months I finally have a review for you and it’s about a shampoo. My hair has a really big problem and that is oily roots, I tried different shampoos but none of them worked. The length of the hair is quite dry because I use the hair straightener every day and I skip for a long time to use conditioner.

So, after a long time, searching for something that suits my oily roots I’ve decided that it’s time to take care of the length of my hair as well. After some searching online I’ve ordered Tigi Bed Head Resurrection Shampoo. Bed Head by Tigi it’s not available in stores in Romania, but you can find the products online ( or

bed_headMy hair is greasy, frizzy, fine and without volume

Bed Head Resurrection Shampoo Urban Antidote #3: “admitting is the first step! Face it…your hair needs some rehab. Let the hydration therapy begin. Bring weak & brittle hair back to life with this powerful moisture packed shampoo. Making a comeback has never been so easy.”

“What it does: Cleanse factor: light; Moisture overhaul; Helps keep colour vibrant; Created with 25% more moisture boosting ingredients; Zeros in on dry, damaged hair; 3x stronger hair + 12x smoother hair = total hair resurrection”

– cleans very well
– very hydrating
– a little bit is enough

– none

Price: 8€ (250ml) from

It is the best shampoo I’ve ever used, I felt my hair healthy, clean and hydrated, it was a really good boost for my hair. It was so moisturising that I didn’t need to use conditioner. But is not suitable for greasy hair, at first, it didn’t affect my washing days, but the more I use it the more I noticed that my roots were getting oily earlier.

I really recommend it and next time I will try something for greasy hair.

Have you tried the Bed Head Shampoos?

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Travel – London, UK

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It’s been a while since a wrote about my journeys, but finally, I can share my experience in London, a beautiful and cosmopolitan city in Europe. I explored the city and the surroundings in 4 full days. First of all, you need to know that London is an expensive city, but if you make some compromises you will be able to visit London. Also, read my posts How to Plan a Low Budget Vacation and 5 Tips to Save Money on Vacation you might find some tips.

I flew in mid-March from Romania (Iasi) to London with Wizz Air (European low-cost airline company) and in 2 and a half hours I was there. The weather was quite windy, no rain and the nights were quite cold.

From and to airport (one way) – Luton Airport
– bus: £10 (with easyBus)
– train: find your price here
– taxi: from £50
– uber: from £50

Accommodation: well, London is not a cheap city went it comes to accommodation, try to find deals on Booking and TripAdvisor preferably with 3 months in advance. If is still too expensive for you, try BnBs, search on Airbnb to find a nice accommodation.

I really liked the London public transportation, it’s easy to use and efficient. In London to use public transportation you will have to buy a ticket or use Oyster card (available just in the city zones). I advise you to use the Oyster card because is cheaper, easy to use and you’ll save time. In every station are machines where you can buy your Oyster (£5, wich are refundable when you leave the city) after that all you need to do is to top up with money. For more information enter here.

What to see

Buckingham Palace
london (2)

Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament)london (4)

London Bridgelondon (6)

Westminster Cathedral
london (3)

These are the most known attractions in London, but there are more things to see.

What to visit

Natural History Museum
I really encourage you to visit it, you will have a lot to learn and the admission is (1)

London Eye
If you want to see London from above. Tickets fees, online from £22.45
london (5)

Tower of London
Entrance fee £28

In London, at every corner you have something interesting to visit, so just go on foot and let the city to surprise you.

In London no matter of your budget, you can still find something, on Oxford Street or Bond Street you will find the luxury brands, if you don’t afford them you still have to go just to see how beautiful are those areas. If you are on a budget go to Westfield, a huge mall, where you can find more affordable shops. Also, I would like to mention Poundland and TkMaxx.

Where to eat
I have to be honest and say to you that the restaurants are pricey, check this list with places that have more affordable prices. If you have a tight budget try to make also some supermarket shopping, Tesco and Lidl are some great choices.

London is quite close to the sea, so if you have time and want to spend half a day or a full seeing seagulls, watching the tide, and just enjoy the sun, go for it. Use trains and in 1 or 2 hours, depending on where you want to go, you will be there. The ticket prices are from £12.
london (2)

This was my first journey when I literally didn’t know what to pack because the weather is quite unpredictable in the UK. In the end, I packed spring clothes (trousers, blouses and cardigans) and my autumn coat, yes, don’t laugh, because was my best friend when the sun was gone. My advice if you travel in spring or autumn is to check the weather, Wunderground and Foreca are my go to when it comes to that, and keep in mind that at night will be much cooler, so pack a warm cardigan or a coat.

I really enjoyed London, I’ve discovered an interesting culture, beautiful buildings, and very nice people.

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Traducere – Translation, Traduzione, Traduction

Limbile straine…recunosc, nu am fost dintotdeauna pasionata de acest domeniu, dar cu cat m-am maturizat cu atat mai mult am vrut sa cunosc si alte limbi. Prin studierea unei noi limbi nu acumulezi doar noi cunostinte ci ajungi sa descoperi o nou cultura, lucru ce pentru mine este fascinant. Ii stimez pe cei ce cunosc mai multe limbi straine sau au ajuns sa stapaneasca o limba foarte bine fiind confundati cu vorbitorii nativi.

In ultimii ani s-au dezvoltat foarte mult agentiile de traduceri, un motiv ar fi cererea tot mai mare, cine nu a avut nevoie macar o data de o traducere? Poate nu pare important, dar trebuie sa acordam atentie unde ne traducem documentele, caci am avut parte si de o experienta comica.

Am avut o frumoasa experienta in Londra, un oras superb, unde am fost acceptata pentru un internship. La sfarsitul celor 6 luni am primit o recomandare, scrisa, bineinteles, in limba engleza. Urma sa imi fie de mare folos la interviuri, asa ca am ales sa o traduc la o agentie, consideram ca dau dovada de profesionalism. Am decis sa merg la cea mai apropiata agentie, nu voiam sa strabat orasul doar pentru o traducere, si intr-o zi am primit traducerea. Stiam ce mi-a fost scris, dar curioasa fiind am zis sa citesc cum a fost tradusa, „[…] este o persoana creativa, ce a dat dovada de […] a scris un articol pentru magazinul nostru, unde a…stai, cum?! ce magazin?!”. Cuvantul „magazine” ce tradus in limba romana semnifica revista sau publicatie a fost tradus ca magazin. Eroarea mi-a fost corectata, nu a fost ceva grav, dar am fost nevoita sa imi acord timp pentru a ma intoarce la agentie pentru un motiv ce nu imi apartinea.

Am invatat sa fiu selectiva, sa aleg servicii profesioniste si sa acord importanta experientei pe care agentia o detine, cu siguranta persoana ce mi-a tradus recomandare stia traducerea cuvantul „magazine” dar lipsa atentiei a afectat rezultatul final.

logo_swiss_solutions_RO-300x54Traim intr-un secol al performantelor, mediul online a ajuns sa ne usureze multe din sarcinile zilnice, de ce sa nu avem posibilitatea de a comandam de acasa si a solicita o estimare de pret pentru traduceri tot online? Agentia de traduceri Swiss Solutions pune la dispozitie acest serviciu gratuit si in doar 15 minute vei primi raspunsul, prin acest proces simplu si rapid economisesti timp si nu mai ai parte de „surprize”, la final, cand vine vorba de costul traducerii.

Alegeti servicii de calitate, caci la mijloc sunt banii si timpul vostru, incurajati pe cei ce sunt inovatori si dezvolta solutii menite sa fie in beneficiul clientilor.

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