Beautiful Romania – Cities

Last week I showed you a little bit of Romania (here is the link) and I have decided to show you more so I’m going to start a series. Today it’s all about cities.

1. Bucharest (the capital)
What to see: Parliament Palace, George Enescu Museum, Herastrau Park
Read more here

2. Brasov
What to see: The Black Church, Brasov’s Defensive Fortifications, Art Museum
Read more here

3. Sighisoara
What to see: Sighisoara’s Citadel, Dracula’s House
Read more here

4. Alba-Iulia
What to see: The Citadel, National Unification Museum
Read more here
alba iulia

5. Iasi
What to see: The Citadel, Metropolitan Cathedral, National Theatre
Read more here

You can read here more about cities of Romania.

Which city would you like to visit?

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