Beautiful Romania – Castles/Palace

Romania was a province of Roman Empire later of Austrian Empire and because of that has rich and unique medieval heritage, from cities, fortresses to castles. Here are some of the beautiful Romanian castles:

Corvin Castle
It’s one of the largest castles in Europe with a beautiful Gothic architecture. At first was built for fortification purposes, later on, became a sumptuous home.

Peles Castle
It’s a luxurious castle with 170 rooms and each room has a theme, art galleries, office, libraries, etc and a style, like French, Turkish, Florentine or Moorish.

Dracula’s Castle
The most famous Romanian castle. I found a very interesting article here.

Palace of Culture
The palace has 298 rooms that, now, hosts four museums. It is decorated with griffins, eagles, lions, famous paintings, stained glass, etc.
If you are interested in reading more about Romanian castles here is a great source.

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What do you think about Romanian castles?

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