Travel – Venice, Italy

I’m sure that you all heard or read about Venice, but did you know that is also called “Queen of the Adriatic” or “The Floating City”?

It’s a wonderful and romantic city in northeastern Italy that is separated by canals and linked by bridges, I have to say that here the concept of “walk” is on a whole another level. Wherever you look you see water, gondola, and masks but all together form a beautiful and unique view. It’s worth visiting.

For all my fellows from Iasi you can fly with WizzAir from Iasi Airport.

From and to airport (Treviso Airport) (one way)
– bus: 12 €
– taxi: 80-100€

Accommodation: a lot of hotels and apartments and few hostels. Not many of them have breakfast included. You can find very great deals on Booking and TripAdviser. Advice: search twice for your hotel.

What to eat: pizza, pasta, seafood, and polenta.

What to see:
The Grand Canal
venice (1)

Piazza San Marco
venice (4)

venice (5)

venice (2)

venice (6)

venice (3)

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Have a great week!

What do you think about Venice?

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