My Favorite Travel Photos

Happy Monday!

Another Monday another travel post. Today I want to share my favorite travel photos, I especially love to take good photos in nature, to catch that vibrant colors that are all around as. I hope that in time I will learn more about photography because it’s a hobby of mine that I want to enjoy it more.

Peles Castle – Romania
A beautiful castle in Sinaia that is about 50km south of Brasov. Read more about Romanian castles here.
1 (5)

The Pantheon – Rome
Ancient Rome heritage. If you want to read more about my Rome trip click here.
1 (3)

Red Lake – Romania
The name comes from the reddish alluvial deposited.
1 (4)

In the sky
The sea of clouds.
1 (1)

View from Ceahlau Mountain – Romania
Ceahlau (1907 m altitude) is a popular hiking destination in Romania.
1 (2)

If you enjoyed my photos, check out my others travel post for more photos. Select the “Travel” category from above, under my name.

Have a lovely week!

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