Review – Vaseline (Hands and Lips)

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We girls like to have soft hands and lips, right? For that, we have to exfoliate and after moisturize them. You can use a homemade exfoliator or buy one, but in my opinion is not worth it. So, today I’m going to show you my current moisturizers.

Vaseline Intensive Care
For healthy hands and stronger nails. “Deep moisturisation for 10x stronger nails in 2 weeks. With keratin, which deeply moisturises to help restore very dry hands. Absorbs fast for a non-greasy feel.”
Best for: dry skin, cracked skin
1 (5)

– good moisturiser
– very fast absorbing (big plus)
– non-greasy feel
– long lasting  hydration

 it did nothing to my nails

Price: 4€

I really like it, it’s a good hand care cream that I use whatever I need something for my pretty dry hands. About that stronger nails in 2 weeks, maybe after using daily the results will come.


Vaseline Lip Therapy
I have the original one. “Protects and relieves dry and chapped lips, while locking in moisture to help keep them healthy. Made with triple-purified Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.”
Best for: chapped lips, dry skin

1 (6)

– good moisturiser
– a little goes a long way
– helps me with chapped lips

 if you put too much it can be sticky

Price: 3€

Vaseline has very good products and this one is no exception, I like to take it with me in my purse and 20g will last me a long time.

What is your favorite Vaseline product?

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