Beautiful Romania – Saint Anne Lake (Lacul Sfanta Ana)

It has been a while since I wrote a post about Romania, but today is the day.

I wanted to visit Saint Anne Lake for years, but never occurred the opportunity, but a week ago we decided to go. You may wonder why this lake is so special, well, it’s the only volcanic lake in Romania formed in a volcano crater and all the water comes from rain. From the beginning, I want to mention that the weather was rainy, foggy and gloomy but I enjoyed it.

It’s located in the Eastern Carpathians, Transylvania, and the nearest town is Baile Tusnad, the smallest town in Romania by population. It is a well-known resort for spa and mineral waters and is surrounded by mountains. The water is used for bathing and it’s recommended for different disease and problems.

From Baile Tusnad to Saint Anne Lake you can use your car, it’s about 30-40 min drive, there are two parking spaces, one 1.5 km away from the lake (2€/10Ron – fee) and one near the lake (4€/20Ron- fee). You can choose also hiking if you have more time and want to enjoy the nature more (3 hours one way).
1 (6)

The lake is at 946 meters height, the water is clear, pure and without living creatures because the water has no oxygen. The scenery is very beautiful and the air is therapeutic because of the negative ions.
1 (8)
1 (11)

After 15 min
1 (9)
1 (10)

I hope you liked my photos and follow me for more post about Romania.

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Have a nice week!

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