6 Tips for Glowing Skin

Summer is here!

Today’s post is all about skin and body, we all like to have a glowy looking skin in the summer, but how can we achieve that, well I have some tips for you:

1. Exfoliate
The most important step is to get rid of the dead cells.
Skin: I use a gentle homemade scrub, sugar+honey = glowing skin
Body: I also use a homemade scrub, my favourite is coffee, honey, and olive oil, but you can also use sugar, cinnamon, coconut oil, and so on, be creative, use the ingredients you have in your kitchen or love.

2. Moisturise
In the summer you will have to moisturise more to maintain the optimal hydration level.
Skin: Even the oiliest skin needs a good moisturiser in the summertime, I like to use lightweight creams/serums and thermal spring water.
Body: I have a dry skin so I need to apply rich creams, I wrote a post about my favourite body lotion, Review – Neutrogena Body Lotion (En&Ro). In the summer I like to add oils in my body cream/lotion like macadamia, coconut, and avocado oil.

3. Protect your skin
The best advice I can give you, use sunscreen every day in the summer. You maybe not see the effects of the sun now, but you will definitely see it in time, believe me. It doesn’t matter if it is a high end or drugstore lotion, just apply it on your face and body.

4. Use self-tanners
It’s nice to have in the summer a tint of colour, you can tan in the sun (don’t forget to apply sunscreen and don’t stay do much) or if you don’t like to spend hours working on your tan just use self-tanners (avoid tanning bed).

5. Use shimmery products
Skin: There are lots of products to achieve a glowing skin: bronzers, highlights, shimmering eyeshadows, and so on. You can get really creative with makeup, but be careful to not overdo it.
Body: I love to apply shimmer lotions it makes such a huge difference, but if you don’t have one just put some bronzer or highlighter in your normal cream/lotion.

6. Drink more water
I know you heard this before, but it’s the best thing that you can do for your body and skin. If you are like me struggling to drink water I have some tips: add some fruits in your water (it will make it tastier), keep your bottle/glass of water near you, and drink with a straw.

Have a great weekend!

How do you achieve a glowing looking skin?

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