How to Plan a Low Budget Vacation

Welcome back, it’s Travel Monday!

To be honest with you, I don’t have enough money to travel all over the world, but because is my passion I have to make some compromises so that I can discover more of this beautiful world. If you are interested, here are my steps to plan a low budget vacation:

1. Plan your trip with 6 months before
Six months, it’s a reasonable time to search online for a destination, buy tickets and accommodation, make your itinerary and so on.

2. Count your money
The first step is to see how much money do you have, then think how much you want to spend.

3. Search for destinations
After creating your budget search for your destination, usually, the countries in your continent are the most accessible. For example, in Europe, the low-budget destinations are Italy, Greece, the eastern countries.

4. Plan your trip out of season
The plane tickets and accommodation will be much cheaper and will be less crowded at the places you want to visit.

5. Buy your plane tickets 
The sooner the better (3-4 months in advance), the tickets get more expensive as you rich your departing date. Look for connecting flights, sometimes are the cheaper, I like to use Momondo in this situation. Also, look for deals on airline sites.

6. Find accommodation
I always look for accommodation on Booking and TripAdvisor, you can search by budget, reviews, type of accommodation and so on. And sometimes there are great deals.

7. Make your itinerary
Plan your trip by days and stick to it, find out where you have to pay entrance fees and choose walking instead of car/public transportation.

8. Exchange your money
Before going exchange your money in your country (if need it) that way you will avoid unexpected situations.

This is it, all you need to do for planning a low budget vacation. I know it works because Í stick to this steps all the time and I don’t spend so much money, for example, my last trip to Rome (from Romania) cost me 150 € for 3 days.

What are your tips for travellers on a budget?

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11 thoughts on “How to Plan a Low Budget Vacation

  1. That’s some great advice. traveling on a small budget is always a bit of a struggle. But you make it work if it’s what you love. 🙂 X


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