Beautiful Romania – My Favorite Travel Photos

Hello Travellers!

Today’s post it’s more of a visual one, my favourite travel photos from Romania, my beautiful country. I’m not a professional photographer, but I enjoy taking a good shot with my not so professional camera, but I said to myself that I have to invest in my passion. So, here are some of my favourites:

Red Lake – Romania
The name comes from the reddish alluvial deposited.romania (2)

Postavarul Massif – Romania
It’s being part of the Romanian Carpathians and the altitude of the highest peak is 1799 meters.romania (3)

Balea Lake – Romania
Is a glacier lake situated in the Fagaras Mountains (the heights mountains in Romania) at 2,034 m of altitude.romania (2)

Lake Vidraru – Romania
It’s an artificial lake created for electricity production and has 10.3 km length.romania (1)

A beautiful viewromania (1)

If you enjoyed these photos check my last photography post, My Favorite Travel Photos.

Have a lovely week!

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