Cheap Cities in Europe

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In my last post, I talked about How to Plan a Low Budget Vacation and I thought it was a good idea to write about cheap cities in Europe. The cheapest cities are situated in the East, but there are affordable known cities also in the rest of Europe.

Europe is not quite a cheap continent, but you can explore great cities with lots of things to visit and not spending a fortune. I took into consideration the prices for food, fees, accommodation, and public transportation. So, here are 8 cheap cities in Europe:

8. Rome – Italy

7. Berlin – Germany

6. Valletta – Malta

5. Athens – Greece

4. Lisbon – Portugal

3. Prague – Czech Republic

2. Zagreb – Croatia

1. Eastern Cities
It was quite hard to choose just one because cities like Bucharest, Budapest or Warsaw have almost the same prices for accommodation and food.
east europe

I hope you found some inspiration for your next trip and keep in mind that you can go anywhere if you make some compromises.

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12 thoughts on “Cheap Cities in Europe

    1. Thank you for reading!
      I totally agree with you and I also think Rome has great prices, for example, I paid 90‎€ for 2 nights (double room) at a 3-star hotel in city centre with breakfast included.


  1. It’s a nice roundup of fabulous cities to visit in Europe, but I’d have to say they wouldn’t always be the cheapest. Avoiding capitals and spending time in smaller, less well-known cities is a great way to reduce costs. Instead of Rome, try the countryside. Instead of Paris, try Marseille. You are absolutely right about London and Paris topping the expensive list. 🙂

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    1. I agree with you and the smaller cities have their own charm. I thought about capitals because of the accessibility, for example, from my city I have connections (plane/train) just with a few European capitals (I live in an eastern country).

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  2. That’s because Amsterdam is not cheap at all. In fact, its in the top 10 of the most expensive cities in Europe on all lists compiled by newspapers, banks, travel sites and such.


    1. It is expensive to live in Amsterdam (pay rent, utilities, etc.), but for a traveler how stays for a couple of night I think it’s affordable. Maybe we have different approaches.


  3. Your post really helped me because I need a cheap vacation this year! I will totally check out those cities


  4. Is this based on your personal experience or some research? Because as far as I know, Amsterdam and Rome are notoriously expensive for tourists. Places like Kiev or Sofia are cheap, I doubt Madrid is a very cheap city.

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    1. Thank you for reading!
      I took into consideration all known cities of Europe, my experience and research. I know that eastern cities are the cheapest that’s why I included all in the 1st place, but I wanted diversity in this top, cheapest cities from all parts of Europe, cheapest cities from the West, South and so on. In comparison with cities like London or Paris, Rome is more affordable (I know for a fact) and Madrid for a western city is cheap.


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