6 Romantic Destinations

Travel Monday!

If you are a couple who wants to spend some romantic moments or you are just married and looking for romantic destinations, well this post is for you, who doesn’t like a romantic escape?

I’m sure that you heard or read about Paris, Venice, Bali or Hawaii, but my post it’s not about those popular destinations, I have some other great romantic escapes for you and some of them are not so known, but sill beautiful places.

Ushuaia – Argentina
This place is absolutely amazing if you like to stay near water and mountains. Ushuaia is located at the world’s end being the southernmost city in the world. The climate is cold, in summer (December, January and February) the average temperature is around 14°C (57°F).
Ushuaia Argentina

Tahiti – French Polynesia
I’m sure that you heard about this island that’s why it doesn’t need any introduction.
Tahiti French Polynesia

Hallstatt – Austria
If you are not a fan of beach destinations and you are a mountain lover, this place is for you. You can go hiking, ferry rides, biking, or just explore the nature by walking. It’s a unique place that has to be discovered.
Hallstatt Austria

Catalina Island – USA
A destination for all who enjoys a warm weather. Catalina Island is a great destination not just for the beach and water activities, but also for the extraordinary fauna and flora.
Catalina Island USA

Mostar – Bosnia and Herzegovina
A place that still has that old architectural vibe. The best way to enjoy the city is by walking.
Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina

Seychelles – in the Indian Ocean (East Africa)
Another beach destination with a rich wildlife. You will discover blue waters, fresh cuisine, new culture, colourful markets and great beaches.
Seychelles East Africa

I hope you found some inspiration for you next vacation.

What’s your dream romantic destination?

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