How to Avoid Cakey Foundation

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We all like to play with makeup, but to be honest, not once I saw women with cakey face and of course, I’ve made that mistake. So, how we can avoid cakey foundation? If you’re interested keep reading.

We all want to look flawless and sometimes we tend to put too much makeup to achieve that gorgeous makeup looks that we see in magazines, on celebrity and so on. Nothing wrong with that, but with some tips you can have an amazing look but without cakeyness.

1. Moisturise before applying makeup
It doesn’t matter if you have dry or oily skin, you have to moisturise first, that way your foundation can be applied on a smooth skin. Wait for your skin to absorb the moisturiser for 5 to 10 minute.

2. Apply a thin layer of foundation
Test first to see which tool (brush or beauty blender) gives you a better finish. Apply a thin layer of foundation, so that you can have an even colour skin, don’t try to cover spots, red patches or any blemish with another layer of foundation, that is concealer job.

3. Use translucent powder
The translucent powder just keeps your sebum in control it’s not adding any coverage like the other powders so you will not tend to go cakey. Apply powder just in places where you get oily.

4. Apply powder with powder puffs or sponge
When you use a big fluffy powder brush the bristles will mix the foundation with powder creating the cake texture. By using powder puff or sponge you are pressing the powder into your skin, that way your makeup will look natural.

5. Don’t retouch by applying powder directly to your shiny skin
Just absorb the excess oil with a tissue or blotting sheet first, then retouch your makeup with a translucent powder. By doing that you avoid creating a paste, cakeyness.

How do you avoid cakey foundation?

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