A Day in My Life

Welcome back!

Today’s post is not beauty or travel related it’s about my life and how I spend a day, so let’s get started:

9:00 – I am not a morning person, I try so hard to wake up early, but I just can’t, I love my morning sleep. For 20 minutes I like to check my e-mail, Instagram and my blog and see what happened while I was sleeping.

10:00 – After brushing my teeth, wash my face and shower, it’s time for breakfast. I like to eat in the morning my biggest meal, so I try to keep it very nutrition. Today I ate My Protein pancakes (here you can find my review) and a ham omelette.

a day in my life (1)

10:30 – Time to pack for the gym and grow those muscle.

a day in my life (2)

11:00 – I like to walk to the gym, it’s more healthy and when I arrive I am warmed up and ready to lift some weights. The walk is not more than 20 minutes, so 40 minutes in total.

13:00 – I arrive home, take a shower and then eat my lunch.

14:30 – It’s time for some blog work.

a day in my life (4)

18:00 – After a couple of hours spend in front of a screen, it’s great to go out for a walk and eat dinner.

a day in my life (3)

20:00 – Movie time! I expected Suicide Squad for so long and finally able to see it.

22:00 – It’s time for my night time skincare routine, read more here.

23:00 – Time for sleep!

Have a nice weekend!

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