My Top 3 Beauty Essentials

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It’s hard for us girls to choose when it comes to makeup, right? But, I realised that when I do my makeup or when I travel these 3 beauty products never miss. So, are you curious to see my top 3 beauty essentials?


1. Foundation
I have some redness around my mouth, big pores and blackheads on my nose, who can I get out without an even skin? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t talk about full coverage, but just enough to hide my problems. Sometimes I just put foundation just in the centre of my face and blend very well. My current foundation is by Maybelline and if you are interested you can find the review here.

2. Powder
When you have combination skin (oily T-zone) powder is a must, my favourite is Stay Matte by Rimmel London, review here. In the summer when I’m tan I like to use just the powder and skip foundation, that way I don’t clog my pores too much.

3. Mascara
What a simple and great way to enhance those eyes, in my opinion, the makeup is just incomplete without mascara. I like to use mascara that curls my lashes, I’m not interested in volume or how black the mascara is, and my favourite is by Maybelline, review here.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and don’t forget to come back for more beauty post.

What are your 3 beauty essentials?

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