Ebay Haul (En&Ro)

Welcome back!

I’m starting the week with my first eBay Haul, I’m so excited because over the last year I’ve managed to buy a lot of things and I was lucky enough to receive them without any problems.

Today’s post it’s going to be about the beauty related stuff, unfortunately, because I bought these stuff over a year ago most of the sellers no longer have the items, but I’m going to find something similar.

Refillable containers (travel or purse)ebay-8

Pump Bottle (30 ml)
You can use it for serum/cream/foundation or anything for your skin.
Price: 1.3€ (2 bottles)
Link: here

Sticluta Pompita (30 ml)
Poti sa o folosesti pentru ser/crema/fond de ten sau orice pentru ten.

Pret: 6Ron (2 sticlute)
Link: aici

Empty Tube (50 ml)
Great for body lotion/shampoo/conditioner or anything for your body.
Price: 1.3€ (5 tubes)
Link: here

Tub Gol (50 ml)
Folositor pentru crema/sampon/balsam sau orice pentru corp.

Pret: 6Ron (5 tuburi)
Link: aici

Perfume Atomizer (5ml)
Ladies, this is so useful, you just have to fill it with perfume and refresh yourself whenever you want without carrying your heavy bottle of perfume.
Price: 1€
Link: here (similar)

Recipient Parfum (5ml)
Este atat de folositor, trebuie doar sa il umpli cu parfum si apoi poti sa il folosesti de fiecare data cand simti nevoia, fara a mai cara sticluta ta grea de parfum.

Pret: 5Ron
Link: aici (similar)

Makeup toolsebay-5

Round Top Brush
I use it for foundation when I am in a rush, has dense bristles that offer a great coverage.
Price: 3€
Link: I couldn’t find something similar

Pensula Rotunda
O folosesc pentru fondul de ten atunci cand ma grabesc, perii densi ofera o acoperire buna.

Pret: 14Ron
Link: Nu am gasit ceva asemanator 

Beauty Sponges
I love this sponges for foundation, they offer full coverage and are easy to wash.
Price: 1€
Link: here

Buretei Machiaj
Imi plac acesti buretei pentru fondul de ten, ofera acoperire maxima si sunt usor de curatat.

Pret: 5Ron
Link: aici   

Makeup Brushes Set (Ecotools)                               
What I like about these brushes: great quality and are 8-9cm long. I use them for concealer and eye makeup.
Price: 3€ (auction)
Link: I couldn’t find something similar

Set Pensule (Ecotools)
Ce imi place la aceste pensule: sunt calitative si au 8-9cm lungime. Le folosesc pentru corector si machiajul ochilor.

Pret: 14Ron (licitatie)
Link: Nu am gasit ceva asemanator 

Face Tools

These were my first eyelashes, they are easy to apply and offers a natural look (are longer at the end and shorter in the inner corner).
Price: 1€
Link: here

Gene false
Acestea au fost primele mele gene false, sunt usor de aplicat si ofera un look natural (sunt mai lungi catre exterior si mai scurte catre interior).

Pret: 5Ron
Link: aici

Hair Removal
I saw this tool everywhere on YouTube and I thought it would be very helpful to use it for my eyebrows and moustache.
Price: 0.70€ (3 pcs)
Link: here

Indepartat Parul  
Am vazut aceasta ustensila peste tot pe YouTube si m-am gandit ca imi va fi de folos pentru sprancene si mustata.
Pret: 3Ron (3 bucati)           
Link: aici

Face Cleaner
This is great to clean, exfoliate and massage your skin, the bristles are soft and to be honest, does a good job. What I don’t like: the power is provided by batteries.
Price: 3€
Link: here (similar)

Curatat Ten
Este folositor pentru curatarea, exfolierea si masarea tenului, perii sunt moi si, sincera sa fiu, face o treaba buna. Ce nu imi place: functioneaza pe baza de baterii.

Pret: 14Ron
Link: here (similar)


I like to use this when I travel, it’s small (22x17x8cm/8.7”x6.7”x3.1”) but I manage to store all my beauty related stuff. Good quality (not great).
Price: 3€
Link: here

Imi place sa o folosesc cand calatoresc, este mica (22x17x8cm) dar reusesc sa imi depozitez toate lucrurile ce tin de frumusete. Calitate buna dar nu exceptionala.
Pret: 14Ron
Link: here

I hope that you enjoyed my eBay haul!

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6 thoughts on “Ebay Haul (En&Ro)

    1. Hey, eBay-ul a devenit site-ul meu preferat pt cumparaturi, cu putina cautare si atentie, gasesti lucruri ieftine si bune. Produsele acestea au fost toate comandate separat. Spre fericirea mea la acestea nu am avut probleme:) au fost conforme si au ajuns la timp (1 luna)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Because of the batteries (they will drain fast no matter how good they are) I would say that it’s not worth it. Save your money for something rechargeable.


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