Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

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We all use makeup, maybe to conceal some problems, for fun or just to boost our confidence, but the key is to use it right. I’ve learned that makeup can be a powerful tool, but it depends on how you use it, so today’s post it’s about mistakes that can ruin your look.

1. Foundation
I wanted to start with the most common makeup mistakes, chosen the wrong shade of foundation.
Your face colour should match your chest colour, not your neck, and don’t try the foundation shade on the back of your hand.
I have my hands and face colour lighter than the rest of the body and for years I’ve chosen my shade testing on the back of my hand, so wrong because was a big difference between my face and chest area.
I’ve discovered that my colour from my wrist area is a good match for my chest colour, try next time maybe it will help you.

2. Skin undertone
Finding the right undertone (yellow, pink or neutral) will help you not just with the foundation but also chosen the right shade of lipstick or blush.
Look at your veins and determine what colour are they: green – yellow undertone, blue/purple – pink undertone, a mix of green and blue – neutral. Some foundations like MAC or L’Oreal are organised after the undertone.

3. Eyebrows
This is all about personal preference, but if you are looking for a natural look don’t try to match the colour of your hair with the eyebrows, always use a lighter shade if you have dark hair and a darker shade if you have light hair colour.
Try to give them a natural shape and don’t overdo it.

4. Concealer
I know that dark circles can be so hard to cover but don’t focus just in that area, will look unnatural instead, use the concealer to brighten the whole area between your nose and cheeks. Create a “V” from the inner corner of your eyes to the start of the nostril to outer corner of your eyes. I find that just a shade lighter than your foundation will look flawless.

5. Eyeshadow
Try to use colours that are complementary to your eye colour and don’t use more than 4 eyeshadows, keep it simple you will be impressed. Make sure that you blend the colours well.

6. Blush
Use blush just on the cheeks, don’t drag it to your mouth or temples and use a light pressure. About the colour, find your undertone and you will find the right colours, if you are not sure just use a peach blush.

Makeup can be your best friend, but learn how to use it and practice so you can see what works for you. Search for tutorials on YouTube, buy good quality products, be moderate, but above all these, you should first take care of your skin and then play with makeup.

What makeup mistakes have you done?

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2 thoughts on “Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Matching foundation is so tricky! I have generally darker arms than the rest of my body because it receives sun exposure the most. Meanwhile, my face, neck and chest are three completely different skin tones – this is why I get so confused when they say to match my foundation to my neck color but it never ends up blending right into my skin tone. Thanks for the great tips! 🙂

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    1. Hey, I know, for years I wore wrong shades of foundation:) but once you’ve determined what colour you are it will very easy to choose the right foundation shade. If you are not sure about a shade don’t be afraid to ask for a sample and see in natural light if is a good match for your chest:)


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