Review – Syoss Purify and Care Shampoo

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Today I have for you another shampoo review and it’s about Syoss Purify and Care Shampoo, a drugstore product. If you read my previous review, Tigi Bed Head Resurrection Shampoo, you might know that I have very oily roots and the rest of my hair is quite normal.

Since an early age I was always looking for shampoos specially made for greasy hair, where ok for my roots, but they tangled my rest of the hair, so I tried to look up for other types of shampoos, for volume or fine hair.

Two months ago I was looking again for a new shampoo and I saw the Syoss Purify and Care Shampoo claiming to be for greasy roots and dry ends. Apparently the perfect shampoo for me, I wasn’t exactly sure how this shampoo works, I mean what kind of formula is this to be suitable for something oily and dry in the same time, but anyway I bought it.

syossMy hair is greasy, frizzy, fine and without volume

“Effective Shampoo Syoss Purify and Care thoroughly cleanses hair from excess grease, all impurities and dead skin cells, and revives it in a unique way. Professional hair care leaves hair silky-soft, naturally elastic and wonderfully shiny.

It revives the hair and keeps your hair perfectly clean for 48 hours; Reduce the split end up to 95%; Provides nutrition and elasticity to hair; Reduces the shaking of the tips and regenerates; It leaves hair silky smooth and easy to brush.”

– cleans well
– nice quantity for the price

– it did nothing for my greasy roots and dry ends
– tangled my hair
– my hair started to be oily after 1 day

Price: 4€ (500ml)

Such a disappointment, I don’t recommend it if you have oily roots like me and you’re trying to find a suitable shampoo. It did nothing to my hair, like many others shampoos, but the fact that it’s for greasy hair and my hair looked oily after 1 day plus I had to use a lot of conditioner it made me stop using it.

Have you tried the Syoss Purify and Care Shampoo?

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