Review – Uriage Hyseac R Cream

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Since my teenage years I had problems with my skin, not acne, but dry patches, redness, blackheads, sebum, and so on. I’ve tried a lot of things to achieve a good looking skin, some of them worked, but my skin still wasn’t looking as I wished.

And if that wasn’t enough a couple years ago I had a very bad irritation, even today I don’t know what was that or what caused it. What help me back then was Zineryt, if you want to read my whole story click here.

I was putting on my face Zineryt, products for blackheads, redness and mattifying creams because I have an oily skin, so you can imagine with how much stuff I was torturing my skin.

Back in the present, my skin looks better, I used Avene Cleanance Expert, read the review here, and La Roche-Posay Kerium DS Cream, the review here, and both of them were good.


A couple weeks ago I wanted a new cream, but I wanted something new, something to renew my skin and I’ve bought Uriage Hyseac R Cream from, if you are from Romania they have very good prices.

“Hyseac R is the perfect ally for skin that has been dried out by treatments as it brings immediate and long-lasting comfort. Its formula enriched with TLR2 REGUL (Uriage patent) and Prickly pear cactus extract reinforces the soothing performance of the product and delivers immediate comfort.

Restores the skin barrier with the patented complex Cerasterol-2F, this product helps to rebuild and reinforce the skin barrier while respecting its natural physiology. The active ingredients provide long-lasting hydration.”

– fast-absorbing
– a small amount is enough
– hydrating
– light formula

– none

Price: 7€ (40ml) from

I like it and I recommend it, I’ve been using it for almost one month and I really love that is fast absorbing. I had small dry patches around my nose and now are gone, so it helped me a lot with that, my foundation looked horrible in that region. It is also a good makeup base.

What do you think about Uriage Hyseac R Cream?

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