Beautiful Romania – Rodna Mountains

Welcome back!

Until now, unfortunately, I had just one vacation that I spent in my beautiful country, Romania, but the year is not over yet, so I still have time for another trip.

For this time I was not looking for a hike, I just wanted to go somewhere quiet and beautiful just to relax, but I still wanted to do some walks. So after some debating, we chose the Roda Mountains that are located in the region of Maramures.
borsa (1)

The Rodna Mountains have the highest peak measuring about 2 303m, Pietrosul Rodnei, that I hiked when I was a little girl. Are easy mountains to hike that offers you a beautiful view and a lot of things to discover like caves, waterfall, lakes, and churches.

Up north near the Ukrainian border. You can go with your own car or by train, enter the CFR site and find your tickets.

I recommend you the Borsa city or the Borsa resort, I stayed in the last one at Hotel Paltinis, 120Ron/27€ per night, nice, but not the best. When it comes to food, you can choose either the hotel restaurants in the area or go to the Borsa city, where I recommend you the 2 Pauni restaurant, cheap and good.
borsa (5)

What to do

Hike the Pietrosul Rodnei
From Borsa city follow the blue line indicator and in 4 hours you’ll be on top.

Horses Waterfall
Is located at 1 300m and is the tallest waterfall in Romania, 80m. You can reach it from Borsa resort by foot, follow the red triangle path and in 2-3 hours you will be there, or use the chairlift if you don’t want to hike. From Borsa resort to the top of the mountain with the chairlift you make 15 minutes and from there to the waterfall another 20 minutes, but is a nice walk in the woods, nothing difficult. borsa (4)

borsa (2)

The Cave and The Blue Spring of Iza
You can reach it from Moisei or Sacel, at one point the road will get bumpy, if you have a 4×4 car you are lucky, if you don’t, you will have to park and go on foot for about 1 hour and a half, but it’s an easy walk.
borsa (7)

See the watermills
borsa (6)

Discover the flora and fauna
borsa (8)

I really enjoyed my time in Rodna Mountains, just staying and admiring the nature. It’s not the most magnificent place you’ll ever see, but is a rich place, and what I mean by that, is you can find here what ever you want, it is the largest national park in Romania and has an important flora and fauna.
borsa (3)

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Beautiful Romania – Postavarul Massif

Winter in Romania is very beautiful, the snow makes our mountains look so magnificent, the traditions remind us of our roots and the food make us feel like children again.

Today I’m going to show you how Postavarul Massif (1799 metres) looks in winter.

The massif can be easily reached from Poiana Brasov resorts, a well know ski resort in Romania, with the cable car.

From the cable car by foot, you can explore the whole top, in winter will be more difficult but it’s worth it.

I feel so lucky that I can enjoy 4 different seasons and I see how nature change.

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Beautiful Romania – The Transfagarasan

Welcome back!

Today I’m going to show you a pretty spectacular road that goes up to 2,042 metres altitude (6,699 ft) and offers a great view.

The Transfagarasan is a very well known mountain road that crosses the highest mountain section in Romania. If you watched Top Gear maybe you remember that they had an episode about The Transfagarasan.

The road was built between 1970 and 1974, has 90km length and it’s the second highest road in Romania.


The construction process was quite challenging, therefore are 5 tunnels and 28 viaducts.


Here you can also see the Vidraru Lake (830m altitude) created for electricity production. You can practice bungee jumping from the dam, explore the surroundings or go with a boat ride.


The lake is watched by Prometheus that has lightning in his hand, as a symbol of electricity.


From the Vidraru Lake the road gets more and more beautiful and spectacular, here nature has created a harmonious landscape.


At 2,034 m of altitude, the climb ends with the Balea Lake, a glacier lake with blue-green water. Here is located Balea Lake cabin that offers accommodation and has a restaurant.


Well, I hoped that you enjoyed my post!

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Beautiful Romania – Bicaz Gorge/Cheile Bicazului (En&Ro)

Welcome to another post about my beautiful country!

It’s been a while since I wrote about Romania, so I am quite excited for today’s post. If you are interested in Romania you can read more post in the “Romania” category.

Today I’m going to show you a truly spectacular place, Bicaz Gorge, located in Neamt and Harghita counties, part of the Cheile Bicazului-Hasmas National Park. It is a gorgeous gorge where you can rock climb or just admire the nature.

locationImage from Google Maps

The Bicaz River has created a truly beautiful landscape and the good part is that a road (8 km) was made along the river.


Also here is located the Red Lake, a barrier lake, where you can relax, enjoy the nature, eat kürtőskalács (a spit cake) or explore the woods. A unique view is given by the trees that are in the water.


Cheile Bicazului sunt situate in judetele Neamt si Harghita si fac parte din Parcul Natural Cheile Bicazului-Hasmas. Peisajul este absolut spectaculos, peretii abrupti ce strajuiesc drumul, lung de 8 km, creeaza o senzatie unica.


Drumul (DN12C), trebuie sa fiu sincera si sa recunosc, s-a degradat in timp, sunt portiuni bune si portiuni, in special prin serpentine, unde trebuie avuta mare grija.

De asemenea, in acelasi cadru spectaculos va puteti bucura de Lacul Rosu, un lac de baraj natural format prin prabusirea unui versant. Aici puteti savura un colac secuiesc, sa admirati privelistea, sa mergeti cu barca pe lac sau faceti o plimbare prin padure.


Diferenta dintre vara si inceput de iarna.


Hotelurile si pensiunile se gasesc in zona lacului iar preturile sunt accesibile pentru toti.


I recommend you to visit this place, it’s amazing!

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Beautiful Romania – Ceahlau Massif/ Masivul Ceahlau (Ro)

I’ve been sharing this series about my country from the day a star blogging and maybe if you follow my blog, I made you consider Romania your next destination.

Today I’m going to talk about a well-known massif in Romania, Ceahlau (1907 m altitude). Last year I climbed up Ceahlau and was a great experience, this post is going to be in Romanian but I let the photos speak for you.


Prima data cand am urcat pe munte a fost la varsta de 10 ani, tinta: Vf. Pietrosul Rodnei (2.303 m), mi-a placut la nebunie sa urmaresc traseul, sa observ cum vegetatia se schimba si, bineinteles, sa fiu in varful muntelui.

Anul trecut am urcat pentru prima data pe Ceahlau (1907 m), judetul Neamt, si marturisesc ca a fost superb, asa ca daca sunteti interesati aceasta postare este pentru voi.

Plecarea a fost din statiunea Durau, alegand sa mergem pe traseul cu banda rosie, aproximativ 3h: Statiunea Durau – cabana Fantanele – Piatra Lata – Panaghia – sub Varful Toaca – cabana Dochia. Mai multe detalii despre traseu gasiti aici.

romania (2)

Dificultatea este medie dar nu o sa mai luati in considerare acest aspect cand veti fi absorbiti de peisaj. Odata trecuti de Panaghia traseul va fi mai simplu, iar cand ajungeti in apropierea Varfului Toaca (1904 m) veti simti ca sunteti “in varf de munte”.

Vf Toacaromania (3)

Am ales sa innoptam la cabana Dochia, care, spre surprinderea mea, arata foarte bine (comparativ cu imaginile de pe site), renovata, curata si ingrijita. Detalii despre preturile cabanei gasiti aici. Peisajul este absolut superb, in timp ce savurezi o ciorba sau o cana cu ceai observi si Vf. Ocolasul Mare (1907 m).

Privelistea de la cabana Dochiaromania (4)

In apropiere se afla si o manastire de calugari de unde poate fi vazut un apus minunat.

A doua zi am ales traseul cruce rosie, aproximativ 5h: cabana Dochia – Jgheabul lui Voda – Poiana Saiusului – Cascada Duruitoarea – Poiana Viezuri – Statiunea Durau. Mai multe detalii despre traseu gasiti aici.

romania (7)

Dificultatea este medie, dar din punctul meu de vedere mi s-a parut usor de coborat.

romania (6)

La cascada Duruitoarea va trebuie sa faceti un popas, merita. Poate va intrebati de ce a fost numita Duruitoarea, ei bine datorita zgomotului si pot confirma.

romania (1)

Va recomand sa urcati macar o data pe Ceahlau si sa admirati patrimoniul nostru natural. Daca sunteti mai aventuristi este loc amenajat pentru corturi in apropierea cabanei Dochia

Mai puteti citi si despre Beautiful Romania – Saint Anne Lake (Lacul Sfanta Ana).

Sper ca v-am impulsionat sa urcati Ceahlaul.

Ce munte va este drag?

Beautiful Romania – My Favorite Travel Photos

Hello Travellers!

Today’s post it’s more of a visual one, my favourite travel photos from Romania, my beautiful country. I’m not a professional photographer, but I enjoy taking a good shot with my not so professional camera, but I said to myself that I have to invest in my passion. So, here are some of my favourites:

Red Lake – Romania
The name comes from the reddish alluvial deposited.romania (2)

Postavarul Massif – Romania
It’s being part of the Romanian Carpathians and the altitude of the highest peak is 1799 meters.romania (3)

Balea Lake – Romania
Is a glacier lake situated in the Fagaras Mountains (the heights mountains in Romania) at 2,034 m of altitude.romania (2)

Lake Vidraru – Romania
It’s an artificial lake created for electricity production and has 10.3 km length.romania (1)

A beautiful viewromania (1)

If you enjoyed these photos check my last photography post, My Favorite Travel Photos.

Have a lovely week!

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Beautiful Romania – Saint Anne Lake (Lacul Sfanta Ana)

It has been a while since I wrote a post about Romania, but today is the day.

I wanted to visit Saint Anne Lake for years, but never occurred the opportunity, but a week ago we decided to go. You may wonder why this lake is so special, well, it’s the only volcanic lake in Romania formed in a volcano crater and all the water comes from rain. From the beginning, I want to mention that the weather was rainy, foggy and gloomy but I enjoyed it.

It’s located in the Eastern Carpathians, Transylvania, and the nearest town is Baile Tusnad, the smallest town in Romania by population. It is a well-known resort for spa and mineral waters and is surrounded by mountains. The water is used for bathing and it’s recommended for different disease and problems.

From Baile Tusnad to Saint Anne Lake you can use your car, it’s about 30-40 min drive, there are two parking spaces, one 1.5 km away from the lake (2€/10Ron – fee) and one near the lake (4€/20Ron- fee). You can choose also hiking if you have more time and want to enjoy the nature more (3 hours one way).
1 (6)

The lake is at 946 meters height, the water is clear, pure and without living creatures because the water has no oxygen. The scenery is very beautiful and the air is therapeutic because of the negative ions.
1 (8)
1 (11)

After 15 min
1 (9)
1 (10)

I hope you liked my photos and follow me for more post about Romania.

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Have a nice week!

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