Travel – Paris, France

Welcome back!

This year was quite good for me, I had the change to visit two important cities, London and Paris, if you are interested you can read my post about London here.

I really wanted to see Paris for a while, a mean everyone is talking about it, and my wish came true in May. I flew from Romania (Iasi) to Paris with Blue Air (Romanian low-cost airline company) and the cost for two tickets round-trip was 85€, I bought the tickets with 9 months ahead and it was also a discount.

paris (7)

When it comes to money I have two blog posts that it will help you How to Plan a Low Budget Vacation and 5 Tips to Save Money on Vacation.

I explored the city in 3 full days, it might sound crazy to see Paris in 3 days, but we managed to spend the time wisely. The weather in May was beautiful, my advice is to check the weather before you leave, I recommend you Wunderground and Foreca.

From and to airport (one person) – Beauvais Airport
– bus: 30€ round-trip (with Airport Shuttle)
The price is quite high because the airport is situated 75km from Paris, in 1 hour and a half you are in Paris at the Porte Maillot bus station very close to the Arc de Triomphe.
– train: 15€ one way (check prices here)
Keep in mind that the train station is situated 6km far from the airport.
– taxi: over 140€

I think we all know that Paris is not a cheap city, so for my first time in my life I’ve rented an apartment. I was quite scared at first, but all went very well, I’ve used Airbnb to search for a nice apartment situated near the Eiffel Tour, I’ve paid 178€ for two nights. Unfortunately, I no longer have the link to our apartment, but pay attention to the reviews and fees. If you don’t fancy renting, check Booking and TripAdvisor for hotels, you might find also great deals.

What to see

Eiffel Tower
You can’t go to Paris without seeing the symbol of the city, I really recommend you to go on top (check the fees here), the view is stunning.

paris (1)

paris (2)

After sunset at every hour there is a light show, don’t miss it.

paris (3)

Louvre Museum
If you want to meet with Mona Lisa this is the right place, check the entrance fees here.


Notre Dame
Such a beautiful building and the entrance is free.

paris (5)

Arc de Triomphe

paris (6)

Palace of Versailles
Is situated outside the city, you have to get the RER train with destination Versailles Château-Rive Gauche, the yellow line. Look on a map in the metro/RER station to identify it.

I have to warn you that early in the morning you might have to wait in a very long queue, at the tickets (check them here) and the entrance. I have to be honest and say that is not like I was expected, maybe I had very high expectations.

paris (4)

Overall it was a very interesting trip, I really enjoyed my time in Paris discovering the European culture.

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Travel – London, UK

Welcome back!

It’s been a while since a wrote about my journeys, but finally, I can share my experience in London, a beautiful and cosmopolitan city in Europe. I explored the city and the surroundings in 4 full days. First of all, you need to know that London is an expensive city, but if you make some compromises you will be able to visit London. Also, read my posts How to Plan a Low Budget Vacation and 5 Tips to Save Money on Vacation you might find some tips.

I flew in mid-March from Romania (Iasi) to London with Wizz Air (European low-cost airline company) and in 2 and a half hours I was there. The weather was quite windy, no rain and the nights were quite cold.

From and to airport (one way) – Luton Airport
– bus: £10 (with easyBus)
– train: find your price here
– taxi: from £50
– uber: from £50

Accommodation: well, London is not a cheap city went it comes to accommodation, try to find deals on Booking and TripAdvisor preferably with 3 months in advance. If is still too expensive for you, try BnBs, search on Airbnb to find a nice accommodation.

I really liked the London public transportation, it’s easy to use and efficient. In London to use public transportation you will have to buy a ticket or use Oyster card (available just in the city zones). I advise you to use the Oyster card because is cheaper, easy to use and you’ll save time. In every station are machines where you can buy your Oyster (£5, which is refundable when you leave the city) after that all you need to do is to top up with money. For more information enter here.

What to see

Buckingham Palace
london (2)

Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament)london (4)

London Bridgelondon (6)

Westminster Cathedral
london (3)

These are the most known attractions in London, but there are more things to see.

What to visit

Natural History Museum
I really encourage you to visit it, you will have a lot to learn and the admission is (1)

London Eye
If you want to see London from above. Tickets fees, online from £22.45
london (5)

Tower of London
Entrance fee £28

In London, at every corner you have something interesting to visit, so just go on foot and let the city to surprise you.

In London no matter of your budget, you can still find something, on Oxford Street or Bond Street you will find the luxury brands, if you don’t afford them you still have to go just to see how beautiful are those areas. If you are on a budget go to Westfield, a huge mall, where you can find more affordable shops. Also, I would like to mention Poundland and TkMaxx.

Where to eat
I have to be honest and say to you that the restaurants are pricey, check this list with places that have more affordable prices. If you have a tight budget try to make also some supermarket shopping, Tesco and Lidl are some great choices.

London is quite close to the sea, so if you have time and want to spend half a day or a full seeing seagulls, watching the tide, and just enjoy the sun, go for it. Use trains and in 1 or 2 hours, depending on where you want to go, you will be there. The ticket prices are from £12.
london (2)

This was my first journey when I literally didn’t know what to pack because the weather is quite unpredictable in the UK. In the end, I packed spring clothes (trousers, blouses, and cardigans) and my autumn coat, yes, don’t laugh, because was my best friend when the sun was gone. My advice if you travel in spring or autumn is to check the weather, Wunderground and Foreca are my go to when it comes to that, and keep in mind that at night will be much cooler, so pack a warm cardigan or a coat.

I really enjoyed London, I’ve discovered an interesting culture, beautiful buildings, and very nice people.

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5 Tips to Save Money on Vacation

Welcome back!

It’s that time of the year when we get the chance to travel a lot, to explore new places, relax on beautiful beaches, trying new food, and so on. We want all that things but without a hole in our pockets, right?

If you read my previous post about How to Plan a Low Budget Vacation, now it’s time to find out how you can save money when you are actually enjoying your vacation.

1. Food
Food might be expensive if you eat all the time at restaurants, instead go to grocery stores and cook/prepare your own food. Also, another affordable way is to buy food from the local markets or try street food.

2. Don’t go overboard with souvenirs
It’s nice to have things from the places you visit, but sometimes you get caught up in the moment and end up with a lot of them. Instead, take unique pictures, find a beautiful seashell, keep a museum ticket and so on. If you really want a souvenir, buy just one thing.

3. Don’t buy “great deals”
In the popular tourist destination, people will try to sell you on the street different things from clothes, jewellery to entrance ticket to some club or bar. Don’t buy it, it’s not a great deal and it might be a scam.

4. Walk more
Why getting a taxi or rent a car when you can explore and save money at the same time by walking. If you get tired you can use public transportation, it’s much cheaper.

5. Use cash
I know that you will feel safe to have your money on a bank card, but using cash you will avoid foreign transaction fees.

That’s it, 5 simple tips to follow when you are on vacation. You will not save a fortune, but you will definitely see the difference.

How do you save money on vacation?

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6 Romantic Destinations

Travel Monday!

If you are a couple who wants to spend some romantic moments or you are just married and looking for romantic destinations, well this post is for you, who doesn’t like a romantic escape?

I’m sure that you heard or read about Paris, Venice, Bali or Hawaii, but my post it’s not about those popular destinations, I have some other great romantic escapes for you and some of them are not so known, but sill beautiful places.

Ushuaia – Argentina
This place is absolutely amazing if you like to stay near water and mountains. Ushuaia is located at the world’s end being the southernmost city in the world. The climate is cold, in summer (December, January and February) the average temperature is around 14°C (57°F).
Ushuaia Argentina

Tahiti – French Polynesia
I’m sure that you heard about this island that’s why it doesn’t need any introduction.
Tahiti French Polynesia

Hallstatt – Austria
If you are not a fan of beach destinations and you are a mountain lover, this place is for you. You can go hiking, ferry rides, biking, or just explore the nature by walking. It’s a unique place that has to be discovered.
Hallstatt Austria

Catalina Island – USA
A destination for all who enjoys a warm weather. Catalina Island is a great destination not just for the beach and water activities, but also for the extraordinary fauna and flora.
Catalina Island USA

Mostar – Bosnia and Herzegovina
A place that still has that old architectural vibe. The best way to enjoy the city is by walking.
Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina

Seychelles – in the Indian Ocean (East Africa)
Another beach destination with a rich wildlife. You will discover blue waters, fresh cuisine, new culture, colourful markets and great beaches.
Seychelles East Africa

I hope you found some inspiration for you next vacation.

What’s your dream romantic destination?

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Cheap Cities in Europe

Welcome back!

In my last post, I talked about How to Plan a Low Budget Vacation and I thought it was a good idea to write about cheap cities in Europe. The cheapest cities are situated in the East, but there are affordable known cities also in the rest of Europe.

Europe is not quite a cheap continent, but you can explore great cities with lots of things to visit and not spending a fortune. I took into consideration the prices for food, fees, accommodation, and public transportation. So, here are 8 cheap cities in Europe:

8. Rome – Italy

7. Berlin – Germany

6. Valletta – Malta

5. Athens – Greece

4. Lisbon – Portugal

3. Prague – Czech Republic

2. Zagreb – Croatia

1. Eastern Cities
It was quite hard to choose just one because cities like Bucharest, Budapest or Warsaw have almost the same prices for accommodation and food.
east europe

I hope you found some inspiration for your next trip and keep in mind that you can go anywhere if you make some compromises.

Have a great week!

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How to Plan a Low Budget Vacation

Welcome back, it’s Travel Monday!

To be honest with you, I don’t have enough money to travel all over the world, but because is my passion I have to make some compromises so that I can discover more of this beautiful world. If you are interested, here are my steps to plan a low budget vacation:

1. Plan your trip with 6 months before
Six months, it’s a reasonable time to search online for a destination, buy tickets and accommodation, make your itinerary and so on.

2. Count your money
The first step is to see how much money do you have, then think how much you want to spend.

3. Search for destinations
After creating your budget search for your destination, usually, the countries in your continent are the most accessible. For example, in Europe, the low-budget destinations are Italy, Greece, the eastern countries.

4. Plan your trip out of season
The plane tickets and accommodation will be much cheaper and will be less crowded at the places you want to visit.

5. Buy your plane tickets 
The sooner the better (3-4 months in advance), the tickets get more expensive as you rich your departing date. Look for connecting flights, sometimes are the cheaper, I like to use Momondo in this situation. Also, look for deals on airline sites.

6. Find accommodation
I always look for accommodation on Booking and TripAdvisor, you can search by budget, reviews, type of accommodation and so on. And sometimes there are great deals.

7. Make your itinerary
Plan your trip by days and stick to it, find out where you have to pay entrance fees and choose walking instead of car/public transportation.

8. Exchange your money
Before going exchange your money in your country (if need it) that way you will avoid unexpected situations.

This is it, all you need to do for planning a low budget vacation. I know it works because Í stick to this steps all the time and I don’t spend so much money, for example, my last trip to Rome (from Romania) cost me 150 € for 3 days.

What are your tips for travellers on a budget?

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5 Tips to Pack Your Hand Luggage

I like to use hand luggage when travelling and in time I learn who to pack all my stuff in one small luggage, so if you are interested, keep reading my tips.


In the past, I would’t go anywhere without my big and heavy luggage, I was paying fees, spending so much time waiting for my luggage after landing, I wasn’t using half of the things, and so on. To save time and money I start to carry on just a hand luggage. I know that is hard to pack all the stuff you want to bring, but trust me, you will not need or use so many things.

Hand luggage, in my opinion, is the best choice if you travel in the summer/spring for 3-5 days or 1-3 days in winter/autumn. So, here are my tips:

1. Check for your airline dimension and weight allowance
The most important thing, measure your luggage (include here the wheels and handle) and at the end weight it.

2. Check the weather
Finding out how the weather will be, I recommend you Wunderground and Foreca, are the most accurate, I use them daily. You will know what kind of clothes you should bring.

3. Plan your outfits
This way you will never pack too many clothes. Advice: stay away from clothes that get wrinkles or if you really want to get that piece of clothing you can use your hair straightener (does a decent job).

4. Pack just your essentials
For men is more simple, but for us women is another story. This tip applies to clothes, shoes, and toiletries, for liquids/creams, you can use small containers or bottles, I have a post about this on Tips for Travelling, go and check that out it will be very helpful.

5. Put your liquids/creams in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag
If you are departing from UE airports you must have only one transparent, re-sealable plastic bag with one litre capacity. The containers limit is 100ml (3.4oz).

That’s it, only 5 tips that will make you a pro in packing your hand luggage.

What tips do you have?

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